R.A. Beauchamp & Associates

Local Government & First Nations Consultants

Managing change creates success

R.A. Beauchamp & Associates is a local government and First Nations consulting firm providing expertise in a wide range of professional services focusing on good governance and effective organization development, strategic planning, information management, human resource training and development, public participation and communication strategies, relationship building and service delivery excellence. Our firm brings a wealth of experience to the table with a very strong multi-disciplinary team to help provide effective solutions to complex problems and assists organizations in not only becoming more efficient but also more effective with service delivery and communicating with their constituents. You can review the depth of our team on our website at www.localgovernmentconsulting.ca.

Services provided:

Executive Interim Placements and Mentoring

Finding the right fit for vacant senior executive positions can be challenging and time consuming. We can assist by providing experienced interim professionals to help provide for a smooth transition including mentoring and coaching when needed.

Governance Excellence

Conduct council and board development workshops focusing on roles and responsibilities, governance best practices, team building, priority setting and effective interaction with staff and constituents

Strategic Corporate Planning and Priority Setting

Facilitate development of a collective vision for the organization using a corporate business plan with a clear vision, goals and objectives for effective implementation and measurement.

Performance Management – Organization Improvements

Enhance performance management through core service reviews and customer service enhancements with improved process design and performance measurement criteria to maximize service delivery.

First Nations Consultation and Service Delivery

Provide consultation with and for First Nations related to servicing agreements, protocols, intergovernmental relations, and economic partnerships focusing on self reliance.

Information and Records Management

Evaluate and develop information management strategies to effectively protect corporate knowledge through paper and electronic records management.

Communications – Connecting with Your Staff and Constituents

Develop internal and external communication plans including policies and key methods for connecting with constituents using both written and electronic media - publish press releases and corporate newsletters.

Financial Management

Responsible and innovative financial management is a necessity today in managing local government organization. Let us help your organization enhance your fiscal management service delivery processes.

Business and Economic Development

With the many fiscal challenges facing local governments today, enhancing business and economic development within communities has become a high priority requiring a strategic approach in developing a clear vision for improving the liveability in communities.

Human Resources Services – Training and Development

Special Projects

Provide a variety of special project services including research and policy development, bylaw drafting, project management, best practice assessment and processing of grant applications.